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         Huizhou City Aussie Jason Cosmetic Pty. Ltd. is the first cosmetic base in China of Aussie Jason Cosmetic (Australia) Pty. Ltd.. Huizhou City Aussie Jason Cosmetic Pty. Ltd. establishes in December, 2007 until now, is a specialties and modernization corporation deal with R & D, production, sale, OEM & ODM for professional haircare and skincare series products. Since establishment of company until now, under the large sustain of our head company in Australia, buildup the R & D laboratories by the industrial specialists, secretly takeup with the tip of the R & D for the cosmetics, supply the perfect and quarantee for all formulae and cosmetic technology.
       All the time our company takes the managerial principle “Quality is the corporation life”, our consideration takes the service to setup our company brand, stick to “ Honesty and keep faith, dares to innovate, steady development” of our idea. With the first class quality and service, altogether wins with our partnership, for all the beauty and health to our clients, let our Aussie Jason’s brand series shoot at the praise on over the world.
       National Production Permit Number:XK16-108 8036
       Cosmetics Production Enterprise Health Permit Number:GD FDA(2008)